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The value & benefits you will get from reading Mind Body Pregnancy

There is a lot of information online attempting to help women achieve a healthy pregnancy. A lot of the content is not helpful, none of it is in one place, and rarely is emotional health the priority.

Mind Body Pregnancy synthesizes and simplifies the scientific information available on topics of mental health in the important life milestone of pregnancy, the postpartum period, and related events. My goal for this site is to be your one stop for all questions you might have before, during, and after your pregnancy to ensure it is an emotionally healthy and rewarding time in your life…as it should be!

After all, many of you might not have real-time access to a knowledgeable clinician to ask your important questions. Or you may prefer to seek out knowledge and advice by yourself. I am very passionate and committed to helping everyone who is going through pregnancy because I know that an emotionally healthy woman will have a more successful pregnancy.

What you should know about Mind Body Pregnancy and where to begin

Mind Body Pregnancy covers all topics related to emotional health during the reproductive period of a woman’s life. This includes your mood, your anxiety, mental illness, hormones, treatments, and many others. You might choose to start by perusing the topics in your current stage of life – are you pregnant? Are you postpartum? Have you recently suffered a loss? Or you might have a very specific question about treatment. Or you might want a forum to connect with like-minded individuals. These are just a few of the many reasons to read through my articles and connect with others via comments and my social networks dedicated to Mind Body Pregnancy.

My professional credentials

I am a Harvard-trained Psychiatrist currently at the University of California, San Francisco, where I have a joint appointment with the Departments of Psychiatry and OB/GYN. I also have my own private practice in the Bay Area dedicated to women’s wellness. I have written and given numerous presentations on topics of reproductive psychiatry and regularly teach other clinicians.

On a weekly basis, I see many women (and their partners) who are struggling with emotional health problems during conception, during pregnancy, and in the postpartum period. I often hear very similar questions and anxieties from my patients, and Mind Body Pregnancy is my way of addressing those concerns and helping all of you, not just those able to make it to my office.

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