My New Private Practice in the Bay Area

Dear readers…I’m excited to announce I’m taking the next step in promoting women’s mental health! This January, I am launching a new perinatal mental health practice, located in Burlingame, California. My passion to help women achieve emotional wellness at all points of their reproductive years is what powers this site, and what is now pushing me to take this next step.

In my practice, I will offer a number of services:

  • A consultation appointment to help answer your specific questions about how pregnancy might affect a particular mental health issue and the safety of medications;
  • Psychotherapy to process the challenges of infertility and loss, the help with the transition to parenthood, to discuss skills and strategies for managing depression and anxiety, and mindfulness based stress reduction;
  • Psychopharmacology to help you feel well during the vulnerable time of pregnancy and motherhood.

My years of work with moms places me in the unique position of being able to address your needs in an innovative way. For example, I understand that getting to an appointment with an infant or while on bedrest is challenging, and so tele-psychiatry and in-home services will be offered. Also, it is important to have access to your doctor in a convenient way, and in today’s world that means electronically, and so a patient portal for secure messages and convenient scheduling will also be offered.

You can take a look at my new website to see what other unique features my new practice is providing.

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You deserve an emotionally healthy & rewarding pregnancy! I started Mind Body Pregnancy to provide you with expert guidance on mental wellness during pregnancy and postpartum. My background as a Harvard-trained clinician with current joint appointments at OB/GYN & Reproductive Psychiatry at UCSF Medical Center enable me to be your partner and guide.