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Your expert guide to your emotional and mental health for a healthy and rewarding pregnancy

You might be here because you are planning a pregnancy and feeling worried, or because you are pregnant and struggling emotionally, or postpartum and feeling low. You might have a partner or friend or family member who is having mental health problems related to pregnancy or infertility or parenthood. You may have noticed a lack of information on mental and emotional health in pregnancy online, even though there are ample details on the physical condition and complications of pregnancy.

I am a reproductive psychiatrist, trained at Harvard and currently practicing at the University of California San Francisco. In my clinical practice I noticed this exact deficit, often as I had patients ask many similar questions hoping for expert guidance. I started Mind Body Pregnancy because not everyone can come in for an in-person consultation and many parts of the country don’t even have access to reproductive psychiatry. Yet this information is essential for your wellbeing before, during, and after pregnancy.

Each article that you read on Mind Body Pregnancy is backed by current clinical research (with selected references at the end of each post should you want to read the original sources). Those academic articles, however, can be cumbersome and difficult to understand, and therefore I provide interpretation of the data and add my clinical experience to help guide you to the answers you need to feel well.

There are articles on common concerns such as sleep and anxiety during pregnancy, on postpartum topics of depression or relationship problems, on the value of different types of treatment from medications to yoga to massage, and on less talked about but not less important issues such trauma, infertility, and intrusive thoughts.

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